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Searching for the missing

Searching for missing persons is a complex and often lengthy process. Depending on the specific situation, different methods can be used to find missing persons. These methods include the following:

Contact relatives and friends of the missing person - they can provide useful information about the last places they saw the missing person, contacts they may have made and activities they have been involved in recently.

Use of social media – If the missing person had a social media profile, this can provide useful information about their location, including recent places they've been tagged or posts they've made.

Use of CCTV cameras - if there are CCTV cameras in the area where the person has gone missing, they can provide information about the last places they were seen.

Checking bank accounts and credit cards – if the missing person has made financial transactions, this can provide information about their location.

Use of private investigators – If public services cannot locate the missing person, a private investigator may be hired to provide additional assistance in locating the missing person. For example: locating a phone number by using specialized software.

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