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Disclosure of infidelity

Cheating is an act that breaks trust and loyalty between people. These actions may include lies, fraud, breach of promise and other forms of dishonest conduct.

Success in detecting infidelity 97%

Infidelity detection can be done through various methods, for example:

Direct confrontation – this method involves a conversation between two or more parties where the facts of the infidelity are discussed and a way to resolve the issue is sought. This way of revealing cheating can be very effective because it allows the parties involved to reach an agreement to solve the problem.

Use of evidence – this method involves presenting evidence of the infidelity. For example: notes, electronic messages, documents or testimonies. This evidence can be used to convince the affected parties of the infidelity and to prove the problem.

Detective services - detection of infidelity through the use of spyware, external surveillance or recording of persons and entities.

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