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47 Otets Paisiy St., 1303 Center, Sofia


If you have doubts about dishonest information submitted to you or about persons who pretend to be who they are not, you can contact us! We offer you fast, confidential and classified research on individuals and companies. We carry out all types of checks and inquiries in the registers and arrays for explicit and implicit information in Bulgaria, England, the EU and Russia. You deserve to know the truth, and we are obliged to provide it to you! 

Investigating individuals by a private investigator can involve many different methods, depending on the specific task or purpose of the detective investigation. Some of these methods may include:

Gathering Information - The detective may use publicly available sources of information, such as Internet search engines, social networks, databases, and more, to gather information about the person they are investigating.

Gathering Evidence - A detective can use a variety of technical means to gather evidence and classified information. For example: surveillance, collection of photographic material, private investigation, in order to gather evidence that can be used in court.

Interviewing witnesses – The detective may conduct interviews with people who have had contact with the person of interest to gather information about their activities and behavior.

Information Analysis – The detective may use specialized software or analytical techniques in order to obtain the necessary information and derive useful data and conclusions.

Teamwork – The detective works as a team and consults with colleagues to share information and develop a more effective investigation plan for the given case.

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